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Set up a Pop-up Recovery Cafe

Pop Up Recovery Café Shows Demand for Social Events

The first pop-up café, organised by the Recovery Academy of Ireland, took place on Saturday 13th May 2017 in central Dublin. It ran from 3pm to 7pm in Coolmine’s premises in Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2.

More than 80 people turned up and took part in events such as mindfulness, alternative therapies, head massage and a recovery meeting. There was plenty of serious conversation over tea, coffee and food. The atmosphere was great and everyone was warmly welcomed. People were keen to find out when and where the next pop-up café will be. It seems people are into Saturday Afternoon Fever!

The pop-up café is similar to those run by recovery projects in Glasgow which Recovery Academy of Ireland members visited recently. The ‘pop-up’ nature means they are flexible, use existing assets such as premises to promote a thematised social event, in this case recovery. Recovery pop-up café’s are volunteer led, low-cost and not-for-profit. They aim to break even, with the goal of reaching as many people as possible, those in recovery, families and community people.

The Recovery Academy sees this model as being transferable and of use in all communities. It shows what can happen when individuals and agencies work together to promote recovery. The pop-up café also shows there is a need for safe, social activities which, judging by the numbers that turned up to this event, will be well attended.

If you are interested in organising a pop-up café in your community, contact the Recovery Academy and we can advise how to do it simply and at break-even cost.