What We Do

What We Do

What is the Recovery Academy?

  • The Recovery Academy is a forum to:
  • promote recovery
  • provide support for people in recovery and their families
  • organise recovery activities
  • raise awareness about recovery
  • provide workshops and training on recovery
  • conduct research
  • advocate on policy

We want to give a voice to people in recovery, their families and allies, and offer a vision of hope for the future. We want the academy to be a place where people can learn about recovery from others who are ‘loud and proud’ in their own recovery. Ultimately, we want to see a re-orientation of addiction services toward a recovery model (and not simply harm reduction) as in other countries.

Principles of recovery:

  • There are many pathways to recovery
  • Recovery is self-directed and empowering
  • Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation
  • Recovery is holistic
  • Recovery has cultural dimensions
  • Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and wellness
  • Recovery emerges from hope and gratitude
  • Recovery involves a process of healing and self-redefinition
  • Recovery involves addressing discrimination and transcending shame and stigma
  • Recovery is supported by peers and allies
  • Recovery involves (re)joining and (re)building a life in the community
  • Recovery is a reality